Safety First on “The Rhode Show”

By Dan Pieroni

Two of our employees appeared on WPRI-TV 12’s “The Rhode Show” on July 11 to offer tips to viewers on how to prepare for a power outage during a severe storm.

VP of New England Electric Operations, Dan Bunszell and Lead Program Manager for Emergency Planning Gary Lataille both stressed the need for customers to keep a supply of batteries, a flashlight, and a battery-operated radio in their home in case of a dangerous thunderstorm or hurricanes.

Gary added that customers can download our app for the most up-to-date information available.

It is important to call us when a power outage occurs because “sometimes people assume that somebody else called and we may not know of it,” said Dan.

Gary stressed that any downed power lines should be immediately reported and we should also be notified of any of trees that interfere with our infrastructure.

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