Safety Advocates Serve An Important Role in Keeping Employees Safe

By Darlene Masse

National Grid safety advocate Frank Luisi is a familiar face out in the field. During the day, Frank is often visiting job sites and making sure that electric operations crews in Rhode Island have what they need to work safely every day.

“I’m here to help and support crews working in the field,” said Frank. After visiting several work sites, including underground, substation and overhead, it’s clear that crew leaders and their teams value Frank’s assistance. “He comes out and is always available. We know how to find him,” said Mike Poore, a lead splicer on the underground team with 23 years of experience.

Each time Frank visits a site, he looks it over to make sure all of the proper safety procedures have been followed. He also reviews the job brief and verifies that all of its contents have been well communicated to everyone on the work site. If crews need help or equipment, they ask Frank for that, too.

The safety advocate position was created a couple of years ago as a resource for field employees and management. Frank meets regularly with Ray Rosario, Director of Electric Operations in Rhode Island, to discuss safety priorities and necessary improvements to help ensure that everyone goes home in the same condition that they arrived to work. “Frank has done an outstanding job,” said Ray. He also added, “Union leadership has been very supportive of the safety advocate role. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Before heading out into the field, Frank met with Ray to talk about some important safety initiatives, including preventing slips, trips and falls, which can lead to soft tissue injuries. The “circle of safety” is also another program that can help reduce road traffic collisions. “We still need to make improvements with road traffic collisions, especially related to hitting stationary objects,” said Ray. Completing the circle of safety, which involves walking around trucks and looking for hazards, is designed to help crews avoid these collisions.

While Frank is a great resource, ultimately safety is everyone’s responsibility. Employees are always encouraged to approach the job safely every day.

Watch for a similar article, featuring Mike Cavaco, who is the safety advocate for the Rhode Island gas operations team.

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Donna Tiberi

Congratulations, Frankie. Happy to see this article about you. Conscientious, hard-working and a problem solver….just like your Dad. Many more years of success, my friend.


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