Run, hide or fight?

By Shelby Doherty

Over the last few years there have been several instances of armed individuals attacking people in public places such as schools, shopping malls, and office buildings.

We call these armed individuals “hostile intruders.” While the likelihood of such an intruder entering our properties is extremely small, having a plan, options, and mental preparation in place is important for our personal safety.

In this five minute film, Warren Bamford, VP, Global Security,  explains what to do in a hostile intruder scenario, focusing on your options of running, hiding, or fighting.

Please take the time to watch this important video to fully understand your options in the unlikely event of a hostile intruder incident.


Carolyn King

Very timely information that applies to home, as well as work. I will be sharing this with my family.

andrew moore

Timely, had a serious and cautious message that could apply unfortunately anywhere…..its a good start to heighten awareness of potential trouble here at work and/or at home…….

Miguel Santos

Thank you for this safety video. It can actually save my life and the lives of my peers.
This video reminded me of a time years ago where an angry customer did enter the company premises and used a BB gun at the front of the building.

With our economic hard times and the threat of utility shut off, we never know the mental state of the customer you are working with.

Jen Cooper

I thought that was a well-timed and informative video. I feel like we all think we know what to do if caught in that unfortunate situation but hearing it reiterated and clearly organized provides a level of comfort especially nowadays when we are seeing more public hostile events than we have days in the year!

Joshua Karpinski

Great video and well timed, should be brought up for all teams safety moment when starting meetings or your day. Great ideas to for both work and personal life

George Bleck

Very timely information although unfortunate it needs to be said. Thanks for making and sharing this video. I’m sure others will find it very useful as well.

Arlene Gans

This is excellent information. In Metrotech where we are open to the public, it is particularly important to know how to respond. Our facility might benefit from a drill in order to heighten awareness and make sure everyone is informed and prepared.


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