Roslyn Gas Field Ops reaches milestone worth celebrating

By Samantha Murray

The Long Island Gas Field Operations team from Roslyn, reaches a milestone worth celebrating – one year incident free!  This group has a combined 509 years of service and together they’ve learned that zero incidents is possible when watching out for one another on the job.

It has been 1192 days since their last lost time injury, 486 days since their last OSHA recordable incident and 442 days without a road traffic collision.  Ken Daly, President NY Jurisdiction,
Bob De Marinis, VP Gas Operations and Brian Varga, Director Gas Field Operations were present along with our Safety & Health leaders to personally thank the Roslyn crews for this great achievement.

Recognition for Days …

Breakfast was served and a safety award was received on behalf of the entire yard to celebrate their incident free year.  One of the mottos they have hanging on the wall is, “No job is so important that we can’t take the time to perform it safely.”  Their manager, Margaret Dugan, is relentless about promoting a culture of caring for one another.  This is a mindset that the Roslyn team takes to heart, making sure they look out for each another so they can go home safely at the end of the day. 

Kudos to your focus on helping your colleagues, communities and customers each day, while always keeping safety in the forefront of everything you do!



I am proud to say that I work with this group of men! They are not only great employee’s…. they are even better people!

Meghan Vessillo

What a huge accomplishment! Congrats!!! Thanks for showing us how it’s done!

Ann Stevenson

For your impressive accomplishment, Congrats!! May you have many more years of success. You have all made us and your families proud. Great job!

Ed Brodsky

Congratulations on this great demonstration of the safety culture we strive to be throughout the entire footprint !


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