Rodeo season continues! National Grid linemen compete

Check out these photos of our team competing at the 32nd Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo that took place October 17, 2015 in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

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Team members first qualified for the international completion earlier this year, competing in events like pole climbing and “hurtman rescue” (where a dummy simulating a hurt lineworker is rescued from a pole). There are also mystery events that test lineworkers’ precision and speed in accurately completing a job.

“Every year our team does a great job,” said RI Supervisor Gary Bourque, who attended the event as a judge. “The guys represent our company in a very professional way, always wearing the right PPE, focusing on safety, and acting as good sports.”

Over 200 teams completed in the event, which aims to call attention to the profession of line work and the industry’s commitment to safe practices. To learn more, visit the website: International Lineman’s Rodeo.

Here are the names of the National Grid employees who participated this year – Congrats!

New York Teams

Team 1:  Steve Popps – Beacon North Syracuse, Robert Connors – Troy, Joel Twiss – Rome

Team 2:  Josh Barnes – Schenectady, William Hansbury – Schenectady. Mike Burdekin – Avon

Apprentices:  Mike Levsha – Schenectady, Ronald Marks – Schenectady, Paul Ryan – Schenectady

Judges: Mike Flanagan – Rome, George Roukous – Lowville, Duane Beach – North Albany

Rodeo Lead:  Gene Gates – Utica, Mohawk Valley

New England Teams

Team 1:  Peter Correia – Providence, Adam Irujo – Lincoln, Dan McDonald – Chopmist

Team 2:  Kyle Moreau – Transmission Line, Matt Hovagaminian – Transmission Line, Ryan Flammand – Transmission Line

Apprentices:  Mike Girard – North Adams, Steve Moss – Worcester, Brandon Roy – Monson

Judges:  Bob Blackburn – Hopedale, John Pena – Attleboro, Steve O’Brien – Millbury Learning Center, Paul Sibley – Overhead Training Manager

Rodeo Lead: Gary Bourque – Rhode Island

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