Riverhead revitalization grant assists artists

By Wendy Ladd

In our continual support of revitalizing towns on Long Island from Super Storm Sandy, National Grid keeps its commitment investing in downtowns for redevelopment. The Company awarded a Cinderella Grant to the Community Development Corporation of Long Island $25,000 to support the Peconic Crossing Riverhead project. The mixed-use affordable housing supports displaced storm victims and artists in conjunction with gallery space for local artist. This is a win-win for the community and for Long Island.

From left: Gwen O’Shea, President and CEO, CDCLI; Justina Fargiano, Development Manager, CDCLI; Alan Heitner, Chief Financial Officer, CDCLI; Jill Rosen-Nikoloff, Chief Operating Officer, CDCLI; Lyle Sclair, Economic Development Representative, National Grid; Dawn Grzan, Vice President of Development, CDCLI; Kathleen Wisnewski, Community Customer Manager, National Grid; and Paul Fink, Special Projects Advisor, CDCLI

Read the press release here

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