Ride and drive electric

By Tim Rondeau

Electric vehicles packed the Higgins House parking lot at Worcester Polytechnic Institute for the 3rd wpi1Annual Ride & Drive event, hosted by National Grid, WPI and Worcester CleanTech Incubator on Tuesday, September 13. The Ride & Drive comes during National Drive Electric Week, September 10-18.

The public was invited to showcase their electric vehicles in an effort to promote clean, zero emission alternatives to the standard car or truck. And they came in droves.

“Drivers across the Northeast are embracing plug-in cars because of their style, performance and sustainability,” said New Energy Solutions Manager Karsten Barde. “By switching to electric, customers reduce their reliance on imported oil, support the latest in vehicle technology, and save money on fuel and maintenance.”

wpi3Worcester continues to be an ideal spot to host EV events with our Sustainability Hub at the forefront of the company wide push towards electric vehicles. Colleen Gardner, Director of NES Partnerships and Joint Ventures says “National Grid continues to promote electric vehicles  in a variety of ways including through the National Grid Sustainability Hub… where electric vehicles and charging stations are part of the tour customers take.”

A wide variety of vehicles were showcased. Noticeably many major automobile brands were represented, demonstrating the shift of electric vehicles towards the mainstream.

In addition to the Worcester event, National Drive Electric Week hosted three other outings across our US footprint in Syracuse, Albany, and Cranston.wpi4


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