Rhode Island gets its own live-line demo trailer


Rhode Island now has its own dedicated live-line demo trailer that will be used to train first responders on electricity and safety. The live-line demo team received training on how to safely operate the trailer on Nov. 4. In the past, Rhode Island has used the Massachusetts trailer, so it’s much more convenient to have one dedicated to our state. During the course of this year, the Rhode Island team has conducted 26 demos and reached over 700 first responders through this training. It is part of a series of training efforts. Scheduling is now taking place for spring 2015 for RI. Contact: John Isberg at 401-784-7516.

Live Line Demo Trailer – Course Description
Our own linemen demonstrate the dangers of ladders contacting service drops, electrified fences, generators back-feeding onto our lines, use of improper gear and personal protective equipment. As they demonstrate these dangers, they field questions from the audience and provide personal accounts of some of the situations they have encountered. Minimum of 15 attendees required.

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