REV-ing up the industry!

By Ellen Cooke

Our Alliance of Black Professionals (ABP) employee resource group teamed up with the American Association of Black Executives (AABE) to ‘REV’ up the talk on New York State’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative.

REV is New York State’s comprehensive energy strategy to help customers make more informed choices, allow development of new energy products and services, protect the environment, and create new jobs and economic opportunities. And National Grid is acknowledged as one of the initiative’s biggest supporters.

The ABP event – latest in a series of Black History Month celebrations – was a timely and lively panel discussion – live from MetroTech and videoconferenced from Hicksville, Res Woods and Syracuse.


(far-right) Chris Cavanagh, National Grid’s panelist and principal program manager, New Energy Solutions.

“There’s never been a more exciting time to work in the energy industry,” said Chris Cavanagh, National Grid’s panelist and principal program manager, New Energy Solutions.

“It was very encouraging at the event – and in the industry, in general – to see young people so involved in energy issues on a professional level. It makes you optimistic about the future of our company, our industry and even our world.”

Chris talked about how National Grid is working to build more resilient, safer, smarter energy networks across our US service area. Also about how we’re partnering with customers, and the marketplace, to create demonstration projects that advance REV objectives.

“It’s all about meeting customers’ needs, which are getting more sophisticated all the time in our high-tech world. And it’s about giving them the choices, information and solutions they want and need – through things like smart grids, advanced energy efficiency solutions and distributed generation technologies. These are the challenges we’re working to rise up to all the time. This is why we do what we do.”

ABP member Terry Yarde adds, “This event was truly informative. We had a dynamic team of panelists who represented National Grid, Con Edison and AABE who truly brought their ‘A’ game when discussing the relevance of REV in today’s energy market. They talked about how we, in our own roles,  can ensure that ALL customers have opportunities to save money on their heating and electric bills.”

Like Chris, Terry found it “truly encouraging to look around the room and see so many young people engaged and interested in an initiative that will empower customers to have a voice in how they manage their energy needs.”

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