Residential Methane Detectors: What you need to know

by Kathy Hill

With customer distribution of residential methane detectors underway in upstate New Yorkand plans for US expansion – Ross Turrini, senior vice president, Gas Process & Engineering/Chief Gas Engineer, and Tim Graham, vice president, New York Field Operations, are on a mission to spread the word about these life-saving devices. Below, their thoughts on how we can help:  

As part of National Grid’s continued industry leadership in pipeline safety, we wanted to update you on an important customer safety program. Since last August, National Grid has been distributing residential methane detectors to customers across our upstate New York service territory. By alerting residents in the event of a gas leak in their home, RMDs provide an additional level of safety for our customers and the communities we serve.

Expanding on this commitment, National Grid will be leveraging our service line inspection program and resources to more effectively distribute, manage and track the progress of our RMD program, as we continue to educate customers on the value of the RMD device.

National Grid employees can make an important public safety contribution by becoming informed about our RMD program in upstate New York. As you answer questions and share information with friends and family, you can help us spread the word on the life-saving role that residential methane detectors play in keeping everyone safe from natural gas leaks. 

We encourage you to read the attached Employee Fact Sheet. This brief document will help you when talking about the program, while also outlining the specific customer groups who will initially receive the RMDs, as requested by the New York Public Service Commission. 

Thank you.

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