Crossing upstate – at $1 million a mile

In the past year we will have replaced more than 100 miles of “leak-prone” pipe across central and eastern upstate NY. We estimate we can replace nearly all of this type of pipe in upstate NY in the next 10-15 years. The cost is significant. Replacing leak-prone pipe costs about $1 million per mile. These costs are included in our cost of service, which is paid by customers through their monthly delivery fee. This video includes work being done in Rennselaer, NY in 2016.

National Grid is investing more than $150 million PER YEAR in natural gas infrastructure improvements in upstate New York over the next five years. We immediately repair all potentially hazardous gas leaks and we monitor non-hazardous leaks throughout the system.  Those non-hazardous leaks are either repaired or eliminated as part of our leak prone pipe main replacement program.

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