Renewing our partnership with Tokyo Gas

By Karen Young

Social Media SuiteExecutives from National Grid and Tokyo Gas met to rebuild and strengthen our partnership, which was established in 1981 with the major Japanese gas utilities to share knowledge, technology, programs and best practices.  The two companies discussed a number of topics including updates on their respective businesses and views on deregulation; they also toured the Social Media Conversation Suite.  The energy industry in Japan is also undergoing dramatic change as a result of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami as well as new reforms for deregulation of their energy utilities. Tokyo Gas is one of the world’s largest gas utilities with more than 11 million customers with business operations principally in Asia and North America.

Tokyo_1196Over the years National Grid and Tokyo Gas have met regularly to discuss various topics including, marketing,, collaborative research and development, advanced gas technology — such as fuel cells, and renewable energy.  Also, each company has welcomed interns — 31 from Tokyo Gas and 21 from National Grid.  One Tokyo Gas intern trained in National Grid’s customer contact center in the 1990s and upon returning to Japan, with the knowledge gained, established a customer contact center for Tokyo Gas.

Chris Cavanagh, NES Customer Solutions, manages the relationship with Tokyo Gas.  Chris arranged the visit with Ken Daly, President & COO New York and other executives. Also participating was National Grid plc former Deputy Chairman Robert B. Catell, who initiated the partnership with the major Japanese gas utilities 35 years ago.


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