Real men and women (and kids!) wear pink

By Ellen Cooke





Real men and women wear pink! Find out more about our Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign

It’s October, which means Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All month long, you can show your support and help us battle breast cancer by wearing a pink hard hat and/or baseball cap. Best yet, all hat donations go directly to your local chapter of the American Cancer Society for important research.

Here’s how you can play a part in this annual effort, part of our month-long (and beyond) Neighbor Helping Neighbor campaign. This year’s theme is Real Men and Women Wear Pink!

  1. Make a donation – For $20 you can get a pink baseball cap (or hard hat, if you work in the Field but don’t have one) and/or wear your pink hard hat on the job site all October. All proceeds go to your area’s American Cancer Society to be designated for breast cancer research and awareness programs. And there’s a company match!We have people at most job locations collecting donations. If you don’t know where to go or who to contact, you can email Linda Clark.
  1. Take a walk Making Strides against Breast Cancer 5k walk-a-thons are happening all across the company. Maybe you’ve seen announcement in At a Glance or even signed up. If not, go to our Power to Serve Calendar of Events to see who’s walking near you!After you sign in, hit the ‘Agreement’ button to get to the homepage, then go to ‘Volunteer Opportunities’, ‘Get Started’ and scroll down to hit ‘Search Events’. This takes you to the calendar of all volunteer events in your region.
  1. Get a mammogram – Prevention and early detection are key. If you haven’t already, schedule your yearly mammogram and/or make sure your friends, family and loved ones remember to get theirs too!
  1. Spread the word – If you do wear pink, flaunt it, and share it, on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook. Just post your pics, tagging @nationalgridus and using any or all of these hashtags – #GridWearsPink … #PinkHardHats … #Pinktober

Remember, real men and women do wear pink! Won’t you be one this October?

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Theresa Leyble

We are all aware of breast cancer and wearing a pink baseball cap or hard hat is doing nothing to find a cure for the estimated 150,000 – 250,000 women and men living with and dying of metastatic breast cancer in the US alone. Every day 113 of them die . I am writing in hopes that next October you will support metastatic breast cancer research through metavivor,org. Metavivor uses 100% of donations to fund research. At the very least I ask that you put aside donations received on October 13th, National Metastatic Breast Cancer Day. Although progress has been made in detection and treatment; 40,000 women died of MBC 30 years ago and 40,000 will die this year. 30% of early stage breast cancers metastasize. Awareness of this is practically unknown outside of the metastatic breast cancer community. National Grid become a leader in the real fight against breast cancer deaths. Thank you


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