Ready, Set – Safe!

Did you know that – even with a secure power source – your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors may not be working? Unless you follow manufacturer guidelines to replace detectors when recommended, a fresh battery alone may not always get the job done in an emergency.

Emergency Preparedness event

Peter Allen, right, readies for the Emergency Preparedness Expo in Syracuse

That’s just one of the life-saving tips shared at the Emergency Preparedness Expo in September, where National Grid’s Emergency Planning team – charged with keeping employees prepared at work – marked National Preparedness Month by extending their efforts to the home front.

Learning from representatives of the U.S. National Guard, the American Red Cross and the New York State Department of Emergency Management, participating Syracuse employees received a wealth of information, along with certificates of completion from the NYS Citizen Preparedness Corps.

Attendees learned about receiving NY-ALERT emergency notifications via an app available through, tips and training available at and, and more.

“Today is about employees preparing and protecting themselves, their homes, and their families,” said Peter Allen, Manager of Emergency Planning for Upstate NY. “We appreciate that when people are confident their loved ones are safe, they can better focus on the demands of their job, so we’re always happy to share knowledge and resources that can help.”

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