Quietly, the Green Machine arrives on Long Island

By Wendy Ladd

Pilot project with mini excavator could be the new standard in construction equipment

The “Green Machine” is a mini excavator that runs as quietly as a hybrid vehicle. The engine is cutting-edge technology that is powered by a state-of-the-art lithium ion battery system and could become the new standard in construction equipment.

Buffalo based OSC, Inc. is the creator of the Green Machine and is in discussion with Japanese manufacturer Takeuchi, to mass produce for worldwide sales.

The exciting news is that: 1) we are the first company to purchase two of them, and 2) our employees are thrilled with them.

“This plays in nicely as we continue to look for new clean energy technologies while taking into consideration the safety of our employees,” says Phil Echevarrio, Manager, Long Island East, Gas Field Operations.

What are some of the benefits of the Green Machine?

  • It’s environmentally friendly with zero fossil fuels used and zero greenhouse gases emitted
  • 50% quieter operation than its diesel counterpart makes it is less disruptive for our customers, especially for night work
  • Runs smooth – results in less back aches and bodily injury to employees
  • More power than its diesel run counterpart
  • Communication is better between crews as they generally don’t have to rely on hand signals because of the noise produced by diesel engines
  • 10-year battery life

Executives from OSC in Buffalo, recently came to see our Long Island employees demo the excavator in operation along with executives of the manufacturer Takeuchi and their lead engineers from Japan.


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