Quick actions save Christmas and much more

By Nathan Stone

Photo credit: Skip Dickstein, Albany Times Union

Since safety is of such importance here at National Grid, all of our employees – whether they be field, office, or contractor – are trained to be always mindful of their surroundings to avoid injury or death.  On a winter morning in December 2016, that mindfulness paid off when a National Grid contractor’s actions helped save people’s lives.

Scott Gowie, a pipefitter from AGI Construction, Inc., was doing work for the company at 26 Woodland Ct. in Troy, NY, when he noticed smoke coming from the attic of the next-door residence, a two-family house at 24 Woodland Ct.  Running quickly to the building and finding the first-floor door locked, he made his way to the second floor, where he found the home’s occupant sleeping.  Wasting no time, he carried the man to safety, and was able to help get the remaining occupants and their pets out to safety.

The Troy Fire Department was able to save most of the Christmas presents in the residence, but Scott helped save the lives of everyone who lived there.

“Steve took the initiative to help rescue the remaining people in the residence,” said Scott Ackermann, manager, UNY gas construction.  “Kudos to Steve for his quick actions, and as a result, all of the occupants survived! “

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