Putting a plan into play

gas main replacement projectThere’s been some media attention lately on leak-prone gas pipes in MA that’s led to some questions – Are they safe? Are we doing anything about them? Are we in compliance?

The answer to all of these questions is yes.

We have a 20-year plan to replace pipe that is leak-prone in accordance with Massachusetts law. We’ve replaced about 630 miles of natural gas mains in Massachusetts since 2010 and we plan to invest $2.4 billion on our gas mains over the next five years.

We want customers to know that our system is operating safely, that we respond to every call about the smell of gas, and that we prioritize leak repair based on safety in accordance with state law. We also want to remind them to always call Dig Safe at 811 before they start any digging project – damage from third parties digging near pipelines is a major cause of gas accidents.

Here’s a news story about how we’re putting our gas main replacement plan into play in the town of Cohasset. We’re working with our communities to come up with solutions like this to replace pipes and ensure the safe and reliable operation of our system: http://cohasset.wickedlocal.com/article/20150823/NEWS/150829169/?Start=1

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