Providence Fire tours our LNG facility

Every year, the Providence Fire Department tours our Fields Point LNG facility on Terminal Road to receive training on the proper safety measures we implement at the site and how the facility operates.  In May, almost two dozen members of the Department attended a presentation on the process involved of unloading a truck filled with LNG when deliveries are made here.  The presentation also explained how LNG reacts to different temperatures and the measures taken to maximize safety during deliveries and regular operations at Fields Point.

“Like anything we do, safety is paramount at our Fields Point facility,” said Kathy Sullivan, Director, LNG Services with National Grid LNG.  “We have ongoing communications with our first responders year-round to ensure they understand how our facilities operate and how we will work together should there ever be a need to respond to an incident in the area.”

The Fire Department was given basic information on how the plant runs and what happens year-round. At the start of the day, the attendees received a briefing on plant safety measures, such as the prohibited use of cell phones and the proper equipment to be worn around the site. From there, the Fire Department was given an explanation of the truck loading station and learned how LNG is transported from the truck to the tank.  Finally, they were given the opportunity to spend time with LNG employees and ask questions.

The Fields Point LNG tank is critical to heating homes and businesses in during the coldest days of the year.  A proposal is currently under review by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to install a liquefaction facility at the site.

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