Proud night for Team National Grid

By Kathy Hill

Team National Grid turned it up for the 2016 Corporate Challenge race at Onondaga Lake Park in Syracuse in early June. The team numbered 168 members this year, breaking National Grid into the top five for participation out of 280 companies. Stephen Adams and Eileen Ferguson ran Team National Grid’s fastest times on the 3.5-mile course.

Event lead organizer Greg Ryder thanked the entire team for proudly representing National Grid, as well as Linda Clark, Anita Hogan and Diane Benedetto for their behind-the-scenes roles in the night’s success. He also thanked UNY Regional Executive Melanie Littlejohn, who came out to support the team even after having driven back from Waltham that afternoon. Echoing Greg and thanking Doneen Hobbs, Sue Mais and the Corporate Citizenship team, Melanie said, “Every year I think it can’t get better – and every year you prove me wrong!”

This year’s race benefits Vera House, which will receive a donation on behalf of all participants from event sponsor J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation.

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