Prevention is better than cure

Cyber Security Awareness monthIt feels like a normal day to us, but when we come into work, power up and log on, we open ourselves up to the risk of a cyber-attack.

National Grid, like all other companies and individuals, is under constant risk of cyber-attacks. You and I won’t be aware of these attempted attacks, as we tend to just turn up for work, switch on our computers and log on to email. However, the truth is, as soon as we power up over a network connection we’re open to the possibility of a cyber-attack intrusion.

We continue to invest in necessary proactive, preventative technology and highly competent cyber security professionals to monitor our systems. We also constantly improve processes and participate in general awareness campaigns. Cyber security investments are directed into all areas that affect our security, i.e. technology, people and processes, to prevent any breaches in service levels.

Building awareness is a critical part of our approach because the greatest anti-virus and encryption software won’t stop employees from clicking on a malicious link or writing their password on a post-it note. A lack of processes can lead to data breaches, too – what and how often to install patches and updates for software are all managed by effective processes.

We have processes and procedures in place and ready to prevent attacks. Human intervention, however, can bypass or thwart these processes and procedures.

So, it’s important to be aware of cyber-security threats and have personal accountability. We can all do our bit to help minimize any impact by being alert, responsible and proactive in how we manage our devices, and knowing what to look for – and, of course, reporting any suspicious cyber activity.

Visit the Security Knowledge Zone on Infonet for more information.


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