Prevent slips, trips and falls

By Samantha Murray

Facilities Management has taken steps to ensure we’re ready with a plan of action when the winter weather hits. Preparations include ensuring that equipment such as snow plows and sanders are in top working order and stocking up on supplies like ice melt and salt. Our snowfall strategy ensures that we are prepared before, during and after an event.

Before one snowflake appears over our service territories, Facilities is already monitoring the weather and placing staff and support vendors on standby.  They will also start to pre-treat our facilities with ice melt. When the snow begins to fall, their goal is to keep all entrances to our sites open and clear.  Facilities will treat all doorways, main roadways, parking lots, gas islands, and sidewalks, paying close attention to our 24/7 operations areas, with salt or ice melt.  This work continues even after the snow stops falling to mitigate slippery conditions due to a decreased temperatures and the potential for refreezing.  Snow piles will also be moved throughout the yards to final locations, hazards will be evaluated and mitigated such as the removal of icicles and vehicles will be prepped for the next event.

By reviewing past slip, trip and fall incidents, Facilities has been able to address prior concerns including:

  • Ensuring outside lighting is properly working
  • Placing buckets of salt or ice melt with scoops near doorways so that individuals can help if needed.
  • Providing a way for all Supervisors to monitor outside conditions by enabling their PCs with access to all site cameras.
  • Ice alerts have been strategically placed throughout our sites to protect employees, visitors and customers from ice-related slip and fall accidents and injuries.

IceAlert signAccording to Facilities’ Pat Burns,” The IceAlert System™ is unique in that it provides an alert by changing colors from white to blue only when the potential for ice actually exists and you can “see” the temperature from a distance. There’s no need to walk up close to a thermometer to learn that the temperature is in a dangerous freezing zone.”

With all this prep, facilities still needs a little help from you to ensure we all have a safe winter!

Use sidewalks when walking to and from the building

  • Wear slip resistant footwear when conditions are slippery.
  • Please heed the warnings of the IceAlerts that have been placed around our facilities.
  • Please park in designated areas only.
  • IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING! Please report slippery and/or hazardous conditions immediately to the Facilities Hotline at 877-636-0411

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