Preparing for storms gets social

Part 1 in a series to introduce our new US digital brand strategy

With the first flurries of the season comes a reminder that we’ve rolled out an array of digital tools to help customers stay connected and be prepared for winter storm outages. On our Stay Connected site, we let customers know that we’re ready to meet them wherever they are using whatever method works best for them. From traditional phone calls to mobile texts, we’ve opened the dialogue with customers so we can address their needs in real time.

Our “social persona”
Adding to this digital portfolio, we’re stepping up National Grid’s “social persona” on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. If you already have accounts, please connect with us and join the conversation*. If you’re a social media novice—or are just plain confused!—no need to worry. We’re rolling out more training sessions in the New Year, so stay tuned for locations, dates and times.  Meanwhile, you can download and review the US social media guidelines here.

Also beginning next year, you’ll hear more about our new digital brand strategy. A special event about this will premier early next year in select locations, so watch for those announcements on Infonet, in At-A-Glance and in targeted emails.

Connect to National Grid’s social networks on Facebook (National Grid, NationalGrid LI & Metro NY, NationalGrid MA, NationalGrid RI, NationalGridUNY), Twitter (@nationalgridus), Instagram (nationalgrid) and YouTube (nationalgrid).


*Please note: As employees of National Grid in the US, you are responsible for adhering to the US social media guidelines prior to engagement. If you have any questions, please contact one of the SSMAC members listed in the guidelines.

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