Power Plant Operations is having an electrifying summer

By Jackie Barry

Northport-Power-PlantHot, hot hot!

The Long Island system load exceeded 5,000 MW for several days in July, and PPO was responsible for providing 50 percent or more during normal and peak operating periods.  “This is our opportunity to shine, and we delivered,” said Jim Flannery, vice president, PPO.

Safety is No Accident

Also in July, PPO hosted safety motivational speaker, Brad Livingston.

Brad LivingstonBrad shared his life experience, where a small shortcut in safety catastrophically changed his life, and more importantly, the lives of his family members.  He spoke about the ripple effect, and how it still affects them all today, 25 years later.  Check out his dramatic and moving story here.

New Recruits!

The Maintenance Services Department hired dozens of new mechanics and we welcome them to the PPO family.

Power Tripping

The plants have been a popular destination recently for a host of National Grid VIPs.  On Tuesday, July 19 Dave Way, senior vice president, Safety Health and Environment, toured EF Barrett Power Station.  The next day, National Grid Chief Executive John Pettigrew visited EF Barrett Power Station and the Glenwood Energy Center, as well as the site of the former Glenwood Power Station.  And last but certainly not least, the newest group of Graduate Development Program employees spent a day at Northport Power Station as part of getting to know the FERC Jurisdiction.

Retired but Still Making History

A historical sign was placed on the location of the former Glenwood Power Station.  The Glenwood Power Station had been in operation since the early part of the 20th century, and was last operated on June 30, 2012.  Representatives from the Town of North Hempstead joined National Grid for a ceremony marking the occasion.  The town was very appreciative of the commemoration.

Glenwood Power Plant ceremony
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