Power Plant Operations celebrates an impressive year

By Samantha Murray

Power Plant Operations (PPO) hosted their 18th Annual Safety Breakfast to celebrate 200 employees who achieved between 10 and 45 years of injury free service.

A combined total of 4,150 years of injury free service!  76% of all PPO employees with more than 10 years of service were in the room celebrating this milestone.  

Leadership PPO breakfastSenior leadership was also present to support and thank these employees personally for their attention and continued focus on safety each day. Rudy Wynter, President of the FERC Jurisdiction; Jim Flannery, Vice President of PPO; and union leaders including Don Daly and his team, Jim Brown, Steve Borrelli, Patty Guidice were all in attendance.

“You’re here today because of your pride, skills, and training.  You all value your own safety, and I know you look out for others as well. Thank you for all your efforts. We need you to look out for each other, especially when we hire new mechanics. Please take them under your wing; after all, we are our Brother’s Keeper.”  — Jim Flannery, Vice President of PPO

IMG_1182PPO has a motto, “No job is so important that it cannot be done safely”– a motto that can be honored and admired by all of us across the company.

An impressive record and even more impressive team of people, congratulations on another safe year!

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