Power plant employee spots three struggling in the Sound

By Wendy Ladd

Quick-thinking Barbara Albergo saved three lives by following the motto: when you see something say something. By chance, the Northport Power Plant clerk was walking back to her desk and glanced out the second story window facing the Long Island Sound and saw something odd.

“At first I thought it was a marine animal, I couldn’t figure it out,” says Barbara. She looked closer and saw the red bottom of a canoe pop up out of the water and knew someone was in trouble.

She went to her manager Charlie Tyler and asked him to zoom in on the security cameras to get a better look. “Barbara was sure she saw something wrong out there and pointed me in the right direction with the video cameras,” says Charlie. They saw three men clinging to the bottom of the capsized canoe. Barbara and Charlie ran from the window to the camera to pinpoint their location and called the police.

The Suffolk County Marine Bureau is stationed on the Northport Power Plant dock, making the trip for the rescue a short one. The police responded quickly and were able to reach the men in a matter of minutes.

The three men, in their late 20’s and 30, were rescued by police and didn’t suffer any injuries.

Photo Credit: SCPD

“Had it not been for Barbara’s keen eye and concern, I’m not sure the boaters would have fared so well,” says Charlie.

Barbara says it just all fell into place for these three men to be helped that day. She usually couldn’t see that part of the Sound from her office and didn’t often pause when walking by the window.

“It was the perfect chain of events for these men to be rescued,” says Barbara.

Barbara’s story was in Newsday click here to read.

Northport Plant Director Bob Allen congratulates Barbara Albergo and Charlie Tyler for their life-saving actions. Photo Credit: Jessica Wiszowaty

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