Ple_se help us keep _ur cust_mers and c_mmunities he_lthy _nd s_fe by don_ting today!

By Ellen Cooke

What’s this message all about?

Missing Blood National Grid LogoLike other major companies around the globe, National Grid is proud to spread awareness of a critical worldwide blood shortage by leaving the letters A, B and O out of our logos and messages. A, B and O represent the blood types needed most to help save lives. We are proud to do our part promoting this important campaign by urging employees and customers across our US service area to give blood now, when it’s needed most.

Missing_blood_typeLast year, the Missing Type campaign got the attention of 2 billion people, and inspired 30,000 new donors to register to give blood, in the UK. This year, the prospects are even brighter, with 22 countries participating, representing 24 blood services.

The need has never been more critical than it is today. Whether you’ve donated in the past or notwon’t you help save some lives and join us in making a difference this year, when we need it most? A, B and O are critical, but all blood types are needed and welcomed.

Please contact your local blood center or look for a company-sponsored blood drive at your location.

Also please consider helping us spread the word through social media using #MissingType. Come up with your own tweets, or feel free to use one of these:

.@nationalgridus joins the #MissingType campaign to encourage lifesaving blood donations. Sign up to donate!

Hospitals need lifesaving blood & byproducts every day. Why not give the gift of life? #MissingType campaign

Drop your A, B & Os and join @nationalgridus in the #MissingType campaign

Don_te bl__d types A, B and O with @nationalgridus #MissingType

We need y_u  …  m_re th_n ever _efore!

In a related story, see how blood donations were up in Downstate this year!

Melville Hub employees
(Leading the cause in Melville Hub (back row, l-r): Jim Santori, Bill Howe, Douglas Rogers, Jr., Mark Bromschwig, Aaron Womble, John Wolf, John Vodopija and Steve Minogue; (front row, l-r): Kathy Murray, Maria Lykos, Bob DeMarinis, Sharron Green (blood captain), Muhammad Atiq and Melissa Mancini)

Hicksville employees
(Missing Type campaign gets a ‘thumbs up’ in Hicksville from (l-r): Bernadette Falsitta, Ellen Cooke, Lori Platz, Avi Kalban, Samantha Murray, Karen Polise, Lois Bentivegna, Domenick Graziani and Joe Odierna)

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michael zerella

I give 3-4 time per year. It’s simple and the easiest way to help other people.


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