Pink Hard Hats raise a lot of Green

UNY-crewsIn just one year, an employee fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness has blossomed from $3,600 in donations to more than $100,000: and that’s without the company matching all employee donations.

For every employee that donated $20 to the cause, the company purchased a pink hard hat. In total, National Grid purchased 5,000 pink hard hats that employees have been wearing during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to show their support for a cure.

NY-crews“You never know when that $1 you raise will be the $1 that makes a difference,” said Paul Sibley, manager of overhead infrastructure in central and western Massachusetts, who brought the fundraising idea to National Grid last year after seeing it at a lineman’s rodeo. “We recently celebrated my wife’s 5th year being cancer free. And when you found out how many people were interested in these hats – you see how many people are really affected by it.”



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