Partners in Pride

By Ellen Cooke

US and UK celebrate Capital Pride together in D.C.

“Our company was so proud to sponsor Capital Pride at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C. And I was so honored to be invited to participate!”

Corporate Affairs’ Jeff Norwood – also a member of our PrideUSA employee resource group – was among a handful of employees across our US service area (including D.C.) to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month in our nation’s capital Wednesday night, June 7. And this particular celebration was ‘transatlantic’ in scope – taking place at the residence of Patrick Davies, Deputy Ambassador of the British Embassy.

Our Federal Government Relations VP Nelson Perez stated, “This great event helps our company meet its mission of building strong relationships with key stakeholders.” Nelson and members of his D.C. team were at the reception and invited other employees to participate (see photo). And our UK partners truly appreciated our support:

“Thanks to generous sponsorship from National Grid, the Scottish Government, and Welsh Government, the British Embassy was able to participate for the fifth year in Capital Pride celebrations,” said British Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch.

Neil Proudman, VP, Maintenance & Construction, NE Gas, spoke at the event. He explained its significance, and our commitment, like this:

“Our company wants employees to know they can bring their entire selves to work, for the benefit of us all. Though we’ve made progress in that area – with more people feeling free, for example, to self-identify as part of the LGBT community – we still have more work to do. We will continue to encourage our employees to self-identify, as our diversity makes us stronger. Participating in events such as these is a wonderful opportunity to promote and celebrate our LGBT employees as we continue on this critical journey.”

British Ambassador Darroch echoed these sentiments for the UK, saying:

“Diversity and inclusion are values that make the United Kingdom great. As a leader in human rights, the UK is committed to promoting the cause of LGBT people around the world.”

Click here to see how this event led to another US/UK Pride partnership just a few days later in Boston, as we participated in the largest annual parade in New England. And watch for more Pride stories in this month. Cheers!

Feeling Pride with a ‘capital’ P were employees (l-r): Nelson Perez, J’Wynn DeRamos, Emily Duncan, Neil Proudman, John Rondeau, Jeff Norwood and Rob Mosher


PrideUSA co-chair John Rondeau feeling GREAT Pride

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Keith Hutchison

So delighted that we were invited to sponsor Capital Pride – yet another example of how the great work being done at National Grid is being recognized. Well done team!


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