Overhead Lines Batavia NY – Stretch ‘N Flex

Our Overhead Line team in Batavia, NY says what bends doesn’t break! See how stretching and flexing has helped them prevent injuries.


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Tracy Forde

The stretch & flex routine is in place as part of the Soft Tissue Injury Prevention program. Recognizing that stretching is also important for office-based employees, we are currently developing a educational program aimed at the office setting that will feature “stand & stretch” breaks. Meanwhile, all of the stretches we demonstrate for stretch & flex are beneficial and applicable to all. Visit the Soft Tissue Injury Prevention toolkit on the Safety, Health & Wellness page of ournationalgrid.com for guidance and access to the general stretching card document. The stretches can be performed as a group or by individuals and should be repeated throughout the day to relieve the stress of prolonged sitting and computer use.

Look for more information about office ergonomics and stretch breaks coming this Fall.


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