Our Western Regional Control Center gets a facelift

Regional Control never sleeps. Operators work around the clock, keeping their eyes on what’s happening in the field. They are a first-stop resource for many of us, especially when there’s a storm or emergency event. It’s important for the group to have the technology, tools and work environment necessary to heighten efficiency. It’s why the Western Regional Control Center (WRCC) was recently renovated to greatly improve the space.

The project spanned nearly three months and included a six-week relocation for WRCC staff. “This was a major renovation since much of the equipment and work stations were outdated,” said Facilities Project Manager, Andy Blaszkow. “The center has a completely new look and we focused on ways to maximize efficiency for control room operators, keeping in mind best practices for ergonomics,” he said.

Regional Control Center, Buffalo, NYThe updates mean a great deal to the operators who work here every day. Regional Operator, Nathan Cross, enjoys the refreshed space with upgraded amenities. “I love the new desks and chairs, and the option to stand and work when it gets busy. The team did a really great job and it’s so much nicer now,” he said.

WRCC, Facilities and Protection & Telecom Operations employees held a small re-opening celebration to thank operators and project staffers for their patience, cooperation and great work during the renovation. “We get a lot done and we rarely have time to stop and recognize that,” said Director of Facilities Management, Patrick Burns. “This time, we thought it was important to celebrate the good work that was done and the employees who made it happen.”

The welcome improvements included:

  • Upgraded equipment
  • Larger conference room and better storage capacity
  • Spaces for work training and exercise
  • Ergonomic work spaces including chairs and motorized, rising desks
  • Dropped ceiling for easier lighting maintenance
  • Updated kitchen, break room and restrooms
  • Fresh paint and carpeting

The Facilities team also refreshed the Overhead Lines and Storm Room, which is directly adjacent to the WRCC, with fresh paint, carpet and lighting.

“The project was seamless,” said John Spink, Vice President of Control Center Operations and executive sponsor for the revamp. “Facilities did a great job of accommodating our team’s needs and the operators have nothing but praise,” he said.

Want to know more about what Regional Control does each day? Stay tuned for an in-depth look at a typical day in the Western Regional Control Center.

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Elizabeth A Ryan

Congrats Western Regional Control on getting a state of the art “office” space.
You definitely deserve it, you are the heart of our Operations.


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