Our outage forecasting improves by 50% with help from WeatherBug

Partnering-Power-in-Communities-featureTo help keep the power on to more than one million customers in the northeastern U.S., we have teamed with WeatherBug by Earth Networks to install 55 Weather Bug Weather Stations throughout our service area. These stations, plus more than 200 others throughout the region, feed hyper-local, real-time weather datain to Earth Networks’ advanced weather forecasting system, to generate pinpoint, accurate and reliable now casts to extended 15-day forecasts.

These forecasts are then input into outage models that significantly improve our ability to predict, monitor and respond to outages in a timely and efficient manner.

“As part of our overall outage forecasting initiative, which uses real-time local data from the WeatherBug, has enabled us to improve our outage forecasting by 50% over the standard guidance available from the National Weather Service,” says Jorge Calzada, Director of Metrics, Advanced Analytics, and Customer Reliability, within the Network Strategy group. “This improvement is due directly to the data — the increased density and granularity of WeatherBug Weather Station observations used in the forecast algorithms.”

Read about the other ways the WeatherBug Weather Stations donated by National Grid benefit communities.

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