Our generous US customer council gives back

By Maura McLaughlin

Amid the uncertainty that we are experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to see our communities shine. This time generosity came in an unexpected form – from the National Grid Customer Council (NGCC).


The NGCC is our online customer insight panel of 6,500 residential customers and 450 commercial customers. Through surveys, focus groups and discussion boards, these customers give us feedback to improve our customer experience.

Last year, we implemented the option for members to make charitable donations in return for their participation. For every research activity in which they partake, they earn points to exchange for either an Amazon gift card or a charitable donation.

Originally, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity and the Boys and Girls Club of America. After receiving an outpouring of success, we decided to add an additional charitable donation option during the pandemic. We reached out to our NGCC community, asking which causes they feel passionate about. Many agreed that due to the turbulent times, Feeding America would be a valuable addition. After announcing this option to members, our donation efforts increased significantly. To date, members have donated nearly $900 to these organizations. 

Members had a positive response and applauded National Grid for helping them to make a difference. Many said this adds to the sense of community they feel on the NGCC and motivates them to continue participating. 

We are actively listening to customer feedback and open to adding additional charities to our growing list so that this valuable input tool provides value to National Grid, the communities we serve, and our customers.

“Making contributions to charities (especially at this horrible time in our lives) is a great way to help – every little bit counts!  STAY SAFE!” – Member, National Grid Customer Council, UNY

“I really appreciate that I can give feedback and have a say, whether it be positive or negative, in my utility.  But I am so pleased that you provide an opportunity for me to “pass it on” with regards to any benefits or points I might earn. Thank you for this.” – Member, National Grid Customer Council, UNY

“In a time when so many people are suffering not only with this dreadful virus, but financially, it is comforting to know that we can help others!” – Member, National Grid Customer Council, NYC

“This is a great option anytime but more so during the current pandemic where many Americans are struggling financially making food insecurity an all too common event.” – Member, National Grid Customer Council, NYC

“I think the choice to donate is a great addition to the rewards.” – Member, National Grid Customer Council, UNY

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