Our Ethics Liaison Network (ELN) is 11 years old

By Kellie Knickerbocker

The ELN just kicked off its 11th year – growing from four Ethics Liaisons in 2009 to over 100 today!

“It’s one of the most successful groups and initiatives I’ve been part of in my 28 years with the company,” says US Director of Ethics & Compliance Bill Holzhauer. “And our thriving ELN – representing most areas of the business – is definitely one of the key reasons we are recognized as an ethical leader in the industry.”

ELN Executive Sponsor and SVP US HR and Chief Diversity Officer Keith Hutchison, adds, “The role of our ELN is to represent the people at National Grid and uphold the very highest ethical standards. It’s really our conscience – and a big part of our commitment to never compromise our values and to embed ethics into everything we do, every day.”

Ethics Liaisons across the business are there for their coworkers – to listen, be a bridge to the Ethics & Compliance Office, and to make sure colleagues know where they can turn if they have an ethical dilemma or concern. They share significant ethics messages and moments with their teams, too, as they help to continuously enhance our company’s ethical culture. And they all strive to model our values of Do the Right Thing and Find a Better Way.

All our Ethics Liaisons do a fantastic job. But some truly go above and beyond. And each year, employees nominate an individual for the  Ethics Liaisons of the Year award. Congratulations to our 2019 Ethics Liaison of the Year Award winners.


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Ezanna Balbosa

Congrats everyone! Theresa Rommes you were the instructor of my PEx training last year, glad to see you among the winners!


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