Our commitment to our LGBT and ally communities sets us apart

By Ellen Cooke

On December 5, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation released the results of its annual Corporate Equality Index (CEI) for 2017. Today, we’re pleased and proud to announce that National Grid was one of only 11 energy companies, and about 500 companies across the US, to receive the top rating of 100% – making us one of HRC’s ‘Best Places to Work for LGBT equality.’

“This distinction is a great tribute to National Grid’s continued commitment to our LGBT community,” says Dean Seavers. “It brings me great pride to see our longstanding policies on diversity and inclusion advance to the next level. This will ensure that we are “walking the talk” in providing a workplace where our people feel safe, happy, and valued.”

Each year, HRC ranks companies across the US based on how they treat their LGBT employees and local communities. Categories include:

  • Prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression
  • Offering equivalent spousal and partner medical benefits, and transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage; and
  • Providing an employer-sponsored employee resource group for LGBT employees

HR Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Keith Hutchison says the roll-out of our new transgender benefits, and gender transition in the workplace guidelines (effective January 1), helped us earn a perfect score on the 2017 CEI:

“It’s a testament to the efforts of our HR employees – with passionate support and guidance from our PRIDE USA employee resource group [ERG] – who worked hard to bring about these new benefits. And it’s a great source of pride for me, and all of us, to be recognized nationally as a leader in having inclusive corporate policies and practices applicable to our LGBTQ employees.”

Keith says earning this distinction is also a significant benefit to us in recruiting and retaining a talented and diverse work force.

John Bruckner, SVP Operations and Engineering and PRIDE Executive Sponsor, also credits the work of our thriving, and ever-growing, ERG:

“Our commitment toward solid policies and benefits is as strong as ever to ensure that our LGBT community can thrive throughout our company. The PRIDE group continues to engage employees across the company in everything from a safety pin campaign against discrimination, to serving as a strong advocate for the LGBT communities we serve.”

Please click here for more on the Human Rights Campaign and the Corporate Equality Index. And please help us spread the word on social media. You can use one of the HRC ‘Best Places to Work’ logos, tag @nationalgridus and/or @HRC, and use hashtags #CEI2017 and/or #NGPride. Sample tweets: We’re excited to announce @nationalgridus received a perfect score on @HRC #CEI2017 as one of the ‘Best Places To Work’ for LGBT Equality! OR Proud to work for a company ranked one of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality! #NationalGrid 

Special thanks to everyone who makes this company a great place to work, for all of us! To get involved with our PRIDE ERG, please reach out to John Rondeau or Paul Cantello or PrideUS@nationalgrid.com

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John Rondeau and Paul Cantello

This is GREAT news.
On behalf of National Grid PrideUSA, we would like to thank National Grid (and to all involved) with the amazing efforts towards achieving the perfect rating for the HRC Corporate Equality Index 2017!

Chris Murray

Superb news! Huge congratulations to all our colleagues in the US who have worked so hard to achieve such awesome recognition!

Judy Hirsch

I am proud to work for a company that received a 100% rating from the HRC. Congratulations National Grid and Pride USA!

John Rondeau and Paul Cantello

Thanks Judy! HR/I&D and your efforts associated with helping to make this all a reality is SO appreciated.

Dan McNamara

Congratulations all. What a woonderful recognition. I echo the pride we should all be feeling in being part of such an inclusive organization

John Rondeau and Paul Cantello

I have updated my signature to include the logo! I know that the HRC has authorized us to use the logo throughout the company.

Bruce Dyas

As posted on my FaceBook account : Here’s another reason that i choose National Grid as my employer. We should all be so lucky. May i close with National Grid’s motto: ” Here With You, Here For You” Peace & Happy Holidays.

Vasso Dusoe-Galanis

Truly fantastic news and many thanks to all involved, for your courage, determination and commitment to equality, inclusion and diversity. Very proud to be part of the National Grid family!

Jason Magoon

This is truly great and I am proud to work for an organization that strives to treat everyone equally – especially in the divisive time we are currently living in. I hope this message gets to ALL levels of employees. I will pass along.

Andrew Zwerin

This is awesome! I’m proud to have joined National Grid in July and honored to be the Membership Chair for our PrideUSA ERG. I am grateful to all those who came before me and did the hard work to make this happen. Interestingly, my prior employer, HBO/TimeWarner is also a HRC CEI 100% rating recipient.


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