OMS spells “success” at National Grid

Albany electricity crew

Electricity cable prep during restoration, Albany, NY

The new Outage Management System (OMS) was rolled out in New England on Dec. 4, following a successful roll out in New York in late October. The OMS system replaces PowerOn as the system of record for outage reporting. It enhances our ability to more quickly analyze and prioritize outages and adds more reporting capabilities through the Focal Point application.

The OMS is a vital resource used during all outage events, providing near real-time and historical outage reports. It interfaces with other Customer Systems to support outage calls and provide necessary information to customers and regulators. It is also used to support routine work during blue-sky days.

OMS Program Manager, Phil Lavallee, attributes the successful cutovers to having a very thorough and detailed plan which involved multiple business entities being involved in all aspects of the project. He also noted the effective collaboration across the team throughout the process where everyone knew and understood their roles.

“The professionalism of the project team working tirelessly is what made this successful,” Lavallee said. “It shows the importance of having a strong, dedicated team that is willing to give it their all to get to the end result.”

Onsite and remote vendor support proved valuable in quickly resolving any real-time issues that came up during the cutovers, making it possible to keep the projects moving forward and on schedule. Control Center operators also received extensive testing and training opportunities ahead of the rollouts.

A small windstorm in Upstate New York just days after its system conversion seemed ready to put the OMS to the test. Having built extended support into the conversion plan, the project team was already on hand through the following week to lend their support. Thanks to their great work, OMS responded admirably when put to use. System operators enjoyed the on-hand support and noted only minor issues. All expectations are that the New England system will respond in the same manner moving forward.

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