Northport ERT spells rescue

Northport beach propertyScenario: It’s a crisp fall day in late October. A small plane carrying 20 passengers crashes on our Northport property, and passengers and debris are thrown in the water and on land. The jet drops fuel. There is no  fire.., Some passengers have died on impact and all others have injuries ranging from scrapes and bruises to broken bones.

Our Northport Emergency Response Team (ERT) is first on the scene to respond and springs into action. They establish command and set up triage to treat injured passengers. They transport the most seriously injured to hospitals. Through it all, they effectively communicate with fire, police and other rescue agencies.

See the drill unfold in pictures…

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The Northport Emergency Response Team was formed in the 1980’s. The team of 3 chiefs and 29 members meet and train quarterly, and hold annual drills with fire departments. They’re trained to take on the following roles:

  • Firefighters – certified by the state/county, they attend 80 hours of field and classroom training with an annual refresher consisting of 16 hours of field training.
  • Emergency Medical Responders – receive 48 hours initial training by Red Cross certified instructors (CPR, AED, Oxygen and Therapy).
  • Confined Space Rescuers – receive 40 hours initial training by state/county certified instructors and attend annual 16 hour refresher training.

These agencies worked side by side with our ERT to make this drill a success:

  • Northport Fire Department
  • US Coast Guard
  • Suffolk Police Department
  • Centerport Fire Department
  • Eatons Neck Fire Department
  • East Northport Fire Department
  • Huntington Community First Aid Squad
  • Kings Park Fire Department
  • Huntington Hospital
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Suffolk County Major Emergency Response Vehicle
  • Town of Huntington Fire Coordinators
  • Jack Gefken, MD
  • Northport Smokeaters
  • Greenlawn Fire Department Juniors
  • Hicksville Fire Department Juniors
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