No job is so important that it cannot be done safely …

By Lois Bentivegna

Jim Flannery, VP PPO addresses honorees at safety breakfast in Melville, NY

No job is so important that it cannot be done safely — That’s the motto of Power Plant Operations (PPO). And for 176 of its employees, living it every day has helped them achieve a significant milestone: 10 or more years without an injury.  PPO held its 19th celebration breakfast to honor this achievement, and National Grid and Union leadership personally thanked honorees for their continued focus on safety.

 “The most important thing we try to encourage is for everyone to look out for each other and have meaningful job discussions. We want a questioning culture where if a person sees something, they say something and ask questions.  That type of engagement is key to driving to zero injuries.” — Jim Flannery, vice president, PPO

Looking ahead to more success, Jim read out loud the names of 19 employees with nine years of injury-free service who we’re expecting to see at next year’s celebration.

Rudy Wynter

“The team spirit in the room is so amazing to me.  Everyone takes safety very seriously, and not just their own personal safety, but also the safety of their team members.  The entire team wants to help the folks at the nine-year safety mark achieve the 10-year milestone so they can be part of that special group.” Rudy Wynter, president, FERC Regulated Businesses and New Energy Solutions

Together, the honorees represent more than 3,800 years of injury-free service:

L to R: John Bonura and Pat Guidice

“It’s quite an achievement.  It’s a dangerous job, but Generation is a family and everyone here wants to protect one another like brothers and sisters. They stick together and look out for each other to make sure everyone goes home the same way they came in.”Pat Guidice, IBEW Local 1049

Congratulations to the PPO team on another safe year!

“People become complacent over time so you have to t!reat every day as a new day and plan for the future.” — John Bonura, Materials Management, Northport — 22 Years Injury Free


“For anyone new, I say team up with an experienced guy to help show you the ropes. You have to stay on your toes: especially in this environment, you must always be aware of your surroundings.” —Alphonse Porpora, Regulatory Compliance, Northport — 46 Years Injury Free



“Don’t rush and always ask questions – no question is stupid. Sometimes it helps to have a new person’s perspective because the way we did it for 20 years isn’t always the right way.” —
Daniel DeGueldre, MSD, Oceanside – 10 Years Injury Free



“We talk about safety a lot, and if you follow the rules you’ll be alright.” —Earl Jackson, Materials Management, Northport — 22 Years Injury Free




“Before we do the job, we discuss it during the job brief. That’s the main thing.” — Joe Frederick, Maintenance, Northport — 21 Years Injury Free

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