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Electric vehicle at charging station

National Grid is on the road to becoming a leading buyer – and promoter – of electric vehicles (Evs) for our fleet. As announced by The White House and US Department of Energy, we’ve committed to devote at least 5 percent of our annual fleet acquisition budgets to purchasing plug-in electric vehicles and technologies.

We’ll meet this commitment by purchasing a variety of technologies – from electric passenger cars, to medium- and heavy-duty work trucks with electric Power Take Off (ePTO) systems (which power trucks at worksites without running the engine). Within the next 12 months, we’ll invest nearly $5 million to acquire about 100 new EVs, 125 new mild hybrid vehicles, and install at least 100 new charging stations at our company facilities.

“Deploying plug-in vehicles in utility fleets carries a powerful message to the community and our customers about the capabilities of plug-in technology,” says Bill Hilbrunner, Acting Vice President of Operations Support, who oversees National Grid’s fleet of nearly 8,500 vehicles. “By adopting plug-in technologies in our own fleet, we will be better equipped to enable our customers to follow suit.”

National Grid is one of more than 70 private sector electric utility companies to make this commitment to plug-in technology.


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