New Year’s Resolution – Lose weight and recoup the membership costs!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to be more physically active? If so, how’s it going so far?  We all know January is the perfect time to start a fitness regime at the gym.  Those gym membership fees can add up, so start tracking your 2016 workouts – these are eligible for fitness membership reimbursement!

To get reimbursed:  You will need to meet the requirement of 50 visits per 6 month period, which is only twice a week. Set a goal today; visit your fitness center at least two times each week, it’s a win-win!

Reimbursement amounts vary by insurance plan.  Check for your plans specific details here.

Reimbursement Forms:

  • All tracking forms are available here
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA Members can find the form here.

Let’s make some goals to get you more activity throughout the work day as well.  You will stay alert and focused, manage your weight and feel more energized.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Start with at least one flight each day for the first week and increase gradually each week.
  • Park further from the building at work, the shopping center and other destinations.
  • Schedule brief “fitness breaks” on your daily calendar. Use the time to stand, stretch and do a few simple exercises such as leg lifts, side bends, arm circles and shoulder shrugs.

Participate in recreational activities such as walking, biking, swimming, sports and playtime for optimal fitness. Schedule the dates and times on your calendar to keep it a priority!

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