New mural to adorn Buffalo’s historic Terminal B Electricity Station

By David Bertola

One of Buffalo’s oldest electricity terminal stations will be getting a fresh new look, as National Grid has commissioned a local artist for a public art project that utilizes window coverings on the front of Terminal Station B, located at 996 Busti Ave.

As part of the continuing beautification of Buffalo’s West Side, the mural will face Niagara Street and pay homage to city’s electric generation, transmission and distribution history.

For decades the National Grid-owned building, which dates to 1906, had been among the first facilities in the region used to transmit electricity from Niagara Falls to Buffalo. The 264-foot long Terminal Station B is a link to the city’s past as an industrial powerhouse. It includes 14 high arching windows that are covered with corrugated metal.

On Aug. 5, Pine Apple Co. co-founder Yames Moffitt prepares the corrugated metal window coverings for painting.

After the window coverings are treated, the mural will be painted by Yames Moffitt, of Buffalo-based artist consortium Pine Apple Co. Moffitt is scheduled to begin working on the mural on Aug. 5 and finish around Sept. 2. When finished, each covering will boast a letter and/or corresponding image that spells out “Niagara Street,” and celebrates Buffalo’s electric history with a nod to Nikola Tesla.

Moffitt and his staff created the concept for the mural, which is to be completed in September.

The building is located within the Tesla Heritage Corridor, a 14-block section that stretches from Busti Avenue to Vulcan Street. Buffalo’s rich history includes being among the first American cities to install electric street lighting. Also, in 1886, a Tesla-designed hydroelectric station located on the Niagara River bolstered Buffalo’s status as a major industrial hub.

“We’re creating a public art project on a building that tells the story of Buffalo, Tesla and electricity generation and distribution,” said National Grid regional director Ken Kujawa. “The mural is sure to become a prominent, iconic landmark that will welcome people to the revitalized Niagara Street corridor.”

The design for the 14 window coverings was commissioned by National Grid, and conceptualized by Pine Apple Co. co-founders Moffitt, Mickey Harmon and Sarah Liddell. The concept then was reviewed by leaders at National Grid and Vision Niagara, which was founded to revitalize Niagara Street.

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