New Mobile Emergency Operations Center is Ready to Roll

National Grid's Mobile Emergency Operations Center

An exterior look at National Grid’s Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC)

A quick response. The right solutions. Getting the job done. It’s how we work every day, especially during emergency responses to major events. That’s why we acquired a new Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC). Its tools and technology are designed to boost our ability to offer support in real time, when it’s needed most.

When the MEOC and our operations teams are onsite during emergency events, needs can be addressed more quickly, providing better and faster support for work crews. “It’s similar to what fire departments or other emergency responders do in an emergency. It’s good to have that command staff presence right there on scene,” said Mike McCallan, Director of Emergency Planning.

McCallan also shared the value of visibility during emergencies. “Having the MEOC onsite not only helps to reassure customers of our presence but improves communications and coordination with local agencies and community leaders during emergency events.”

The previous emergency response vehicle, sometimes referred to as “the Bus,” will be retired. We also have several Community Assistance Vans throughout the U.S. Service Territory that can be deployed as a complement to the new MEOC. They will allow us to bring the right equipment to impacted areas and provide customers with restoration information during emergencies.

Some of the new MEOC’s state-of-the-art features:

  • Surveillance camera
  • Satellite and cellular telephone/data systems
  • Diesel generator for self-sufficient power supply
  • Printer/scanner/fax/copier and 24” color plotter for printing maps
  • LED TVs, DVR, and audio/video and wireless PA systems
  • HDTV antenna for local TV stations; DIRECTV for national news and weather
  • In Focus 55″ MondoPad to share data with work crews in the field (think wall-size iPad with interactive whiteboard, video conferencing and the ability to share, view and control from a tablet or smartphone)

Our MEOC has a partner in response support. It can now communicate with the recently-purchased National Grid helicopter, bringing enhanced visibility and data-reporting capabilities. Stay tuned for more on the helicopter, and what it means for our company and the customers we serve.

Interior view of National Grid's Mobile Emergency Ops Ctr.

An interior view of the MEOC’s rear conference space and MondoPad

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Joanne West

The article didn’t say where this MEOC will be located, nor the helicopter.

Terah Fox

The MEOC resides at the Operations Center in Northboro, MA, while the helicopter sits at the hangar in Syracuse, NY.


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