National Grid Spotlights Savings with Clean, Green LED Lighting

By Kathy Hill

What began last year as a one-day event to mark Earth Day expanded this year to a weeklong, communitywide promotion in Syracuse – and some significant energy savings across upstate. Working with local community partners, National Grid employee volunteers distributed ENERGY STAR® certified LED light bulbs to customers across five Syracuse locations, as well as in Niagara Falls and, soon, eastern New York. All told, National Grid will have given out 10,000 LED bulbs for Earth Day 2018, along with outlet insulators, plugs and energy-saving tips.

How much can changing to LED light bulbs make a difference? Used for three hours a day, a single ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulb costs an estimated $2 a year to operate and saves 56 kilowatt-hours, or an estimated $10 a year, over conventional incandescents producing equivalent light. Environmentally speaking, that equates to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 86 pounds annually. Customers can save even more by making this simple switch throughout their home.

Multiply those savings by 10,000 and the LED distribution will save an estimated 558,000 kwh of electricity and more than $100,000 each year. Over the life of the bulbs, that means a savings of nearly $1.1 million in electricity costs and nearly $43,000 saved in equipment replacement costs. It also means reduced carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 860,000 pounds annually – the equivalent of taking 89 cars off the road for a year, or eliminating more than one million miles driven in an average passenger vehicle. LED bulbs currently are more expensive to purchase than incandescent bulbs, but typically last many times longer.

“Raising awareness of how effectively LED lighting and other simple switches can help our customers save energy at home, and save on their energy bills, is an important part of our overall mission,” said Melanie Littlejohn, National Grid’s New York vice president. “We had such a positive response when we started this initiative last year – it just made sense to expand our efforts.”

Littlejohn also noted that the company’s new, multi-year rate plan includes options for residential and municipal customers to take advantage of LED technology, with offerings for private area lighting and incentives for LED street light conversions.

Over the week of April 16–20, the LED promotion reached Syracuse-area seniors at the following host sites: Dunbar Center, Northeast Community Center, PEACE, Inc., Southwest Community Center and Westcott Community Center. In western New York, LED bulbs were distributed to residents of the South End of Niagara Falls and to community members at the Damascus Baptist Church.

In eastern New York, National Grid volunteers will give out LED bulbs in the coming weeks in Schenectady, Clifton Park and Troy. Plans are also underway for distributions in Fulton and Montgomery counties.

Hundreds of National Grid employee volunteers also celebrated Earth Day 2018 by cleaning up, planting and sprucing up Buffalo’s Delaware Park Rose Garden and a walking trail in the City of Amsterdam. Additional volunteer projects are scheduled for early May at Hyde Park in Niagara Falls and Clear Path for Veterans in Chittenango.





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