National Grid Keeps the Gas Flowing During Pandemic

By Abeni Kendrick

During the COVID-19 crisis, employees like Francisco Ojeda, Downstate New York Gas Fitter, have had to be strategic and think outside the box to safely perform critical customer facing work to keep the gas flowing for our customers.

In March, with new pandemic protocols in place, Francisco’s team received a customer reconnection call. This wasn’t an ordinary call, the customer informed the team that an infant, a senior citizen and a person infected with coronavirus were all inside the home. After numerous conversations with the customer about the layout of the home, Francisco devised a plan that involved moving the family to a secluded part of the home for a period of time and coordinated easy access to the area of the home where the reconnection work needed to take place. This additional communication and coordination with the customer allowed Francisco to safely   execute his plan to get our customer back up and running.

“COVID-19 has definitely changed the way we work, but we are adjusting to our new norm” Francisco said. Having access to all the necessary PPE, hygienic products and training to safely continue this essential work during the pandemic is crucial, and is why he said, “I’m not really worried while at work and for the most part feel pretty safe doing my job.”

We are thankful and appreciate Francisco and all our field employees for their continued dedication and efforts that keep this organization going. They are true everyday heroes #poweringthrucovid.