National Grid “Cavalry” saves the day

Turning Stone Resort and Casino had a big problem. Their electricity equipment failed, just ahead of the weekend when business typically peaks. Turning Stone – one of our biggest customers – was using generators, but needed a better solution and it had to be fast.

Chris Gorman, Community and Customer Management, learned of the situation and quickly coordinated with Operations to determine a better fix. Enter a brand-new mobile substation, fresh from the west coast. Central New York Substations Manager, Gary Denault, explains.Turning-Stone-Mobil-Substation

“We’d just received delivery of the new mobile sub and had completed all the acceptance testing. We were looking for an opportunity to install it when the call came in,” Denault said.

After working with Turning Stone to make room for the 60-foot, 50-ton mobile sub, the Substations, PTO, Relay, and Meter and Test teams worked together to prep, install and test the unit. Thanks to their fast but thorough action, Turning Stone was fully operational within 24 hours and their business didn’t miss a beat.

The customer was delighted with the team’s professionalism and response, sharing that the National Grid “Cavalry” saved the day. Melanie Littlejohn, Regional Executive in Central New York, said, “The team’s decisive action, technical acumen and customer engagement philosophy helped bring stability to the largest employer in the Mohawk Valley. They helped the customer with a plan and then flawlessly executed the installation of the mobile sub. Their work helped keep Turning Stone’s guests safe and allowed them to enjoy their experience at the facility. It really was great work.”

New York Jurisdiction President, Ken Daly, shared his gratitude as well. He thanked the team for “helping to make National Grid a great place to work and our local communities a great place to live.”

The star team included employees from Mohawk Valley Substations, Relay, and Meter and Test, Syracuse Relay, Equipment Operators, Substations and Protection Engineering, and Transmission Control Center staff.

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Virginia Limmiatis

Nice write-up! Good account of what we do each and everyday for our customers. Way to get it done Chris and team!


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