My Source of Strength

By Ellen Cooke

Seana Reed is our Sr. Performance Management Specialist. Here’s what she has to say about how Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) is her source of strength …

“When asked about Inclusion & Diversity as a source of strength, the first thing that comes to mind is my hair.

“I didn’t always view my hair as a source of strength. Growing up in a bi-racial household, my hair didn’t really reflect any of the loved ones around me. I struggled to find happiness in my hair and, as a result, in myself.

“As I progressed to adulthood I often opted to manipulate it from its natural state. Always trying to get it as straight as possible. Straight hair equated professionalism.

“The journey of becoming my professional self has been in tandem with the evolution of my hair. How I style it – straight, out in its natural state or neatly pulled back – were all daily questions I asked myself. The answers were often determined by my audience and setting. 

“The biggest takeaway throughout this whole process for me has been to be myself! In losing the idea that my hair was tied to my self-worth, I gained the confidence to know that my hair does not define me. The strength in that revelation has been life altering. I used to believe that straightening my hair helped me fit into professional environments, but at National Grid, I rock these curls with pride! Being my authentic self, including my hair, is my source of strength.”

Seana Reed
Sr. Performance Management Specialist

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Liz Ryan

Thank you for offering such a personal story so honestly and openly, very admirable!


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