‘My first day’ by John Pettigrew

John Pettigrew

Twenty-five years ago I walked across London’s Blackfriars bridge as a fresh-faced graduate, ready and excited for my first day with National Grid. Today I write to you as your CEO – and I couldn’t be more honoured.

I’ve had the privilege to hold a variety of roles since that first day. My time as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for the US Electricity Distribution & Generation business was my daughters’ favorite. They loved spending time in the US, traveling to 19 states in three years. And, of course, they’ve remained loyal Red Sox and Yankees fans ever since!

Moving back to the UK, I had the opportunity to hold the Chief Operating Officer role for Gas Distribution and then the whole UK business, before taking on the challenge of UK Executive Director.

With these moves around the business, I’ve had so many experiences and met so many incredible people. These things have never failed to motivate and inspire me, whether good or bad, and for that I am incredibly thankful. One person I’d like to thank in particular is Steve. A great mentor for me over the last ten years, he leaves a great legacy for us to build on.

It’s an exciting time, not just for us at National Grid but for the industry as a whole. Never before has there been so much change at such a pace. The backdrop against which we connect people to the energy they use is changing faster than anyone could have ever predicted. We’re already seeing the impact of this across our core business, and we’re starting to deliver opportunities in new areas.

Among all this change, we need to continue to deliver great performance in our core business so we can build on our strong foundations. It is this strong core that allows us to put National Grid on the front foot, future-proofing ourselves in readiness for a radically different energy landscape tomorrow. It’s also what grounds our great responsibility to our customers and our communities; something we have, and will always, take very seriously.

I’m more excited than ever to be CEO of this fantastic organisation and to lead you through our next chapter. Over the next few months I’ll be out and about, so do stop and say hello. I’ll also be spending time listening to our stakeholders and look forward to reporting back later in the year.

Here’s to creating our future … together.


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