Microburst wind storm hits hard in Upstate NY

By Patrick Stella

damaged garageAbout 17,000 customers lost power on April 7 in the NY Capital region when an unexpected microburst wind storm swept through, knocked down trees, power lines, and a garage!

Our crews were able to restore power to 15,000 customers within hours, but about 2,000 of those 17,000 affected by the storm had to wait a bit longer as our crews installed more than 30 new poles that were either snapped or knocked over by the winds gusts that were clocked at over 70 miles per hour in some areas.

A few short years ago, this type of storm may have taken 4-5 days to complete restoration, but since National Grid has been vigilant on investing more than $3 billion in its upstate New York electric infrastructure in the past decade, our system is more resilient and our response time has decreased allowing us to get the lights back on faster. Still, it’s tough work for our crews who worked through the night to restore power.

Crew-RestorationYou can see more of the photos from the storm by looking at my Twitter feed at @stellapds or at my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/patrick.stella.332.

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