Meet the EmployABILITY interns!

By Ben Campbell

National Grid’s Enabling Disability Confidence ERG is working to expand EmployABILITY, its program geared toward hiring interns with disabilities. The program helps interns with disabilities to get a foot in the door. It builds confidence, develops skills and provides tools to help the interns succeed in their careers. Keep reading to meet the two part-time interns National Grid has hired so far in DNY (on Long Island): Avraham (‘Avi’) Kalban in Corporate Affairs and Joseph Feldman in Gas Materials and Standards. And see how you can help expand the program by contacting!

Avi and EllenEmployABILITY has been a great opportunity for everyone involved—including the supervisors! Avi, who now works with Ellen Cooke in Corporate Affairs (see photo), shared his thoughts on his internship so far:

“I find the work interesting and I’m learning new skills, meeting nice people and getting good office experience. I’m also learning more about National Grid and its Doing the Right Thing policies.  This program has been a really good experience for me.”

Ellen also had nothing but positive things to say about her experience working with Avi:

“I’ve learned so much from Avi. He brightens my day, and he’s doing so much for us. The way he knows his way around the computer is amazing. He’s fast and conscientious. We’re helping him, and he’s helping us.”

JosephEnabling Chair Mary Holzmann and her intern Joseph (shown at work in the photo) have also had a great experience since Joseph began working in Gas Research and Development. Joseph described what he gets to do:  “What I’m learning is really interesting. I get to help with research to modernize the gas business, attend meetings and help with reports.  I have been helping out on the Residential Methane Detector project, where I think I found why the detector buzzers weren’t loud enough during the first round pf testing—the speaker wasn’t big enough so it was muffling some of the noise.”

Mary said that Joseph “is a wealth of knowledge and brings a unique perspective to the projects that he’s been involved in. We are introducing him to the range of work done throughout the gas business, so he can see how engineers contribute their knowledge to solving problems and improving how we do business every day.”

Given the success of the pilot program in Downstate New York, Mary and Enabling Disability Confidence hope to duplicate their efforts in Upstate New York and New England, and hire interns in all locations by the end of the year. We also hope that Corporate Affairs and Gas Materials and Standards will continue to be involved and help to pioneer EmployABILITY across the company.

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EmployABILITY is giving people with disabilities a chance to shine!

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Margaret Ireland

I have had the pleasure of working with Avi who delivers absolutely amazing work. The Ethics & Compliance Office is so pleased that we have the privilege of having his expertise, enthusiasm and creativeness.

Rosalyn Steele

Can I find out more information about this program I think I might qualifying .


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