Marching for – and with – pride

By Ellen Cooke


Meeting up with our England partners in New England

“Congratulations to our PrideUSA members for marching for love and equality.”

 “So proud of our National Grid folks marching (and driving) at Boston Pride. Love my coworkers!”

 “Sun and rainbows everywhere. Thanks National Grid colleagues for advancing pride in our community and workplace.”

 That’s our US President Dean Seavers; MA President Marcy Reed; and VP, US Strategic Communications Jim Gould (in that order) tweeting about our participation in New England’s largest parade of the year. Held Saturday, June 10, Boston Pride culminated a week’s worth of events in the city in celebration of Pride Month.

Walking with PRIDE. Front and center (l-r) are our PrideUSA co-chair John Rondeau; VP, Business Design and Readiness Reihaneh Irani-Famili; SVP, US HR and Chief Diversity Officer Keith Hutchison; and, VP, Pipeline Safety & Compliance Dan McNamara

More than 100 employees, family and friends proudly marched in Boston in support of the LGBTQ communities and causes. Our Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC) vehicle was also there – decked out in a rainbow of colors and proudly displaying our logo for achieving the 100% rating in the Corporate Equality Index from the Human Rights Campaign for 2017. The MEOC joined the parade courtesy of the Emergency Planning group and PrideUSA Executive Sponsor (and SVP, Operations and Engineering ) John Bruckner.

“National Grid’s participation in Boston Pride was a highly coordinated effort to reach out to employees and their families within PrideUSA, and to all our employees and their families,” says John Rondeau, who co-chairs our PrideUSA employee resource group along with Paul Cantello.

John says it’s the most participants we’ve ever had and gives a lot of credit to J’Wynn DeRamos’ impressive effort to communicate, invite and welcome parade marchers. “It warmed my heart to see the passion everyone felt and spirit everyone showed.”

On Wednesday, June 7, our company was also invited to a reception at the British Embassy, as a key sponsor of the embassy’s participation in Capital Pride in Washington, D.C. (keep an eye out for another article). That opportunity led us to meet up with the British Consulate at Boston Pride as we build relationships with our UK partners.

“We had a great day, brightened even further by meeting you guys [at National Grid],” said Harriet Cross, British Consul General to New England of the British Consulate.

In addition to participating in events we’ve sponsored, employees across our US service area will be enjoying other Pride celebrations from Brooklyn to Buffalo, from Providence to Syracuse, and everywhere in between this month.

Thank you to all those who participate in our Pride efforts, any way you see fit and anywhere you can. Find out more about PrideUSA and how you can stay involved all year long, as a member or an ally, by emailing


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Danielle Morrissey

National Grid shows real leadership and commitment by participating in these diversity events! So proud


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