Making homes a habit

By Wendy Ladd

Our employees came to the rescue of a Hempstead family with health issues.The Jordan family helped build their Habitat for Humanity home and were living in it, when some health issues required adjustments. Specifically, they needed carpet removed and new flooring installed, due to the  homeowner’s respiratory problems. An energetic group of employee volunteers from across Long Island stepped up to the task and spent the day supporting Nassau County Habitat for Humanity.


Nick Singh, Meter Reading, Hewlett; Matt Twohig, Learning and Development, Melville; Nile Dillon, Customer Connections, Brentwood; and, David Khani, Project Engineering and Design, Melville teamed up to install floating floors in the upstairs of the home.

Through the Power to Serve program, our employees volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties several times a year.

It was Nile’s first time: “I like to help people out. Charity work is always good work.”

David couldn’t agree more: “It’s a great way to stay connected to the community and we want to help any way we can.”

“The support from National Grid makes such a difference!” says Myrnissa Stone-Sumair, executive director of Nassau Habitat for Humanity. “It’s not just about what the volunteers accomplish in a day; it’s about the bigger picture, too. Their help allows us to keep costs down so we can purchase more homes and materials to do more renovations. That’s a huge benefit for these families and the community.”

Nick grew up near the house he was working on: “I was a volunteer firefighter in Hempstead. It’s pretty cool to see the neighborhood changing with improvements like a Habitat House. This area is now up-and-coming.”

For Matt, laying floors is old hat: “I saw this opportunity in At A Glance and I wanted to be part of it. I grew up doing carpentry with my dad, so this is fun for me.”

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